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42, Shaheed Sangbadik Selina Parveen Sarak Malibagh, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh
Malibagh, Dhaka

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Many in our world of communication can take pride in their technology. Many other can speak of hearts that cry and laugh, love and respect. But a real combination of both is what Desh TV brings to you.

This land of ours called Bangladesh comprising over 140 million people of myriad caste, creed and color has a common goal. A goal of building a motherland that fulfills their dream of progress, prosperity and harmony. Indeed this nation was born through sacrifice of millions of lives in Liberation War of 1971, to uphold eternal human rights to pluralism, freedom of their right to mother tongue, their own age old culture and right to build their fate.

Desh TV is committed to uphold these dreams of our people. Desh TV also salutes the cross section of Bangladeshi people and the red and green flag held high by them with pride. It believes in the fact that modernity is manifested in connecting with our eternal values. It believes in bringing to the fore the culture and belief of all ethnic, linguistic and religious background. Desh TV also believes in the basic human rights and very importantly, in the right to information of all Bangladeshis. It believes in open doors and windows, so that the world culture can mingle with ours freely and we can go forward, hand-in-hand, towards life’s greater glory.

The emotion that we hold very close to our hearts, interviewed with cutting age information technology, makes Desh TV the finest that the country has. We have established our network criss-crossing the cities, towns and townships all over Bangladesh. And this connectivity is fast approaching hundred percent of our nation. Seeing believes. We would love you to visit our space. Wish you a great viewing.

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